Monday, July 28, 2008

a reason to blog!

Ha! I finally have a good reason to use this blog and improve my on-line skills. I've (informally) joined a course run through Otago Polytech called facilitating online communities. Since this is what I'm meant to do - I figure it can only be helpful. And interesting! It seems that there are a variety of interesting people from all round the world also keen to do this course - starting tomorrow I'll be posting my course contributions/thoughts etc here (and hoping someone will read them!)
So here goes!


Sylvia Currie said...

I'm reading them! :-)

Tonitones said...

Hi Debs

start posting! I'm ready to read!!!!

media-studies said...

wow - someone is actually reading my blog - stressss! will HAVE to smarten my act now!

Joao said...

I am reading it, too. :)

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